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arbra Goodman honed her skills as a professional organizer while spending over 13 years in the garment industry in NYC. Barbra was responsible for styling, merchandising and designing products for individuals, private label and major department retail stores. While working for a designer in NYC, Barbra was also in charge of orchestrating all facets of major fashion runway shows. It was this type of collaborative effort that inspired Barbra to become a closet organizer and personal shopper.

By working personally with clients, personal shoppers and high end buyers for upscale stores, Barbra realized that her love for the industry went above day to day sales and numbers. Barbra's knowledge of the industry in its entirety, coupled with her ability to build strong and trusting relationships with clients, led her to become more of an advisor to those who sought her guidance. The joy of creating an organized and stress-free lifestyle for her clients became a passion that extended beyond the work day.

Barbra had big dreams but decided to start small. She began by assisting friends and family with organizing and eliminating clutter and making them feel better about the space in which they lived and worked. It did not take long before people outside of this circle began to take notice, and what started as small favors began to develop into big business.

Barbra holds a BA in Retailing from Syracuse University. A native of New York City, Barbra formed The Classic Closet in 2006 with an initial focus on organizing all aspects of one's closet. It became a natural progression for Barbra to then begin helping her clients organize additional areas of their home and office space. She and her husband, Ron, a financial and insurance advisor, live in Manhattan with their two sons. Barbra's formula for success:

Organize Your Life, Upgrade Your Lifestyle!