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Barbra brings such a high level of expertise and professionalism to her craft, and I truly appreciated her collaborative approach to organizing my walk-in closet. Not only did she do an amazing and thorough job beyond my very high expectations but she also finished ahead of schedule. My business partners and I have already hired Barbra to come into our offices to organize everything and help identify areas where we can improve our overall efficiencies.
-- Michael S., Business owner
They say the hardest part is getting started. I am time-poor, not an unusual affliction, and so the very thought of just starting to get organized overwhelmed me with dread. But relief was only a phone call away. Barbra whipped both closets of clothing and paperwork into orderly shape that I could easily manage and maintain. Not only do I now have more time because I can easily find things, but I relish a deep sense of ease and calm every morning opening a drawer of neat, orderly rows of t-shirts or set out to find a tax form. Life seems easier now that everything has its place.
Very gratefully,
-- Kate Lanphear, Fashion Editor
Barbra is a true gift. I was in overwhelm with my office and also with my son's room. She has organized them beautifully, and the upside is that it saves me so much time and makes me so much more efficient and professional. A major bonus is that she is the nicest and most patient person you will ever meet. She is a joy to work with and added great value to me. I would trust her with any job big or small.
-- Amanda Morgan, President, Morgan Training and Coaching
Barbra did a phenomenal job organizing my kitchen and bedroom closet. I could not be happier with the results. It is a pleasure cooking in my kitchen now. Barbra reorganized my kitchen cabinets in an intelligent and logical way, making cooking more efficient. As for my bedroom closet, it is now not only well-organized, but it looks beautiful! People gasp when they see it. I also loved working with Barbra. She is so pleasant and professional. I highly recommend her and The Classic Closet.
-- Marina Niceta De Palazzi, Mother of three
Over the past 6 years, my once cherished walk-in closet has increasingly become a glorified storage area. Raising a family and running a business has taken priority over maintaining my growing wardrobe and shoe collection. It had gotten to the point where I would actually dread stepping foot into the closet. All that changed when I hired Barbra Goodman from The Classic Closet. From the initial (free) consultation all the way through job completion, Barbra was so incredibly efficient and professional in providing collaborative guidance and then exercising on her vision (ahead of schedule). I can now very easily and methodically locate every article of clothing and pair of shoes, and I truly love spending time in my closet. Barbra continues to give me tips on how best to keep everything organized, and she has also become a close friend. I would highly recommend Barbra to anyone.
-- J.K., Business owner, Mother of three
As a gift, someone gave me 3 hours with Barbra Goodman, Founder of The Classic Closet. Like many people, I was a little skeptical that I needed help to get organized and I couldn't imagine what she could do that I could not do myself if I simply put aside a few hours on some weekend – BOY, WAS I WRONG!! After assessing my mess, Barbra came up with so many ideas and solutions that I never would have thought of on my own and no amount of time by myself in my closet would have gotten it to where it is now. I especially loved that she was non-judgmental about my "mess" and really tried to understand how my brain and lifestyle work in order to help me come up with a system that I could maintain. I paid for a few additional hours beyond the gifted amount and it was ever so worth it – she did not stop working from the minute she got there, she took before and after pictures, suggested specific organizing supplies, and even gave me a little tutorial about how I could maintain what she had done. It makes me very happy – and it's actually calming -- to go into my closet and be able to choose my clothes/outfit from such a well organized closet -- shoes, handbags, work clothes, blouses, sweaters, scarves, tank tops, workout clothes, socks, etc., now all have a place and it's all accessible and easy to use. It was a wonderful experience and I would highly recommend Barbra!
-- F.L.P., Executive Vice President for The David Lynch Foundation
It was such a pleasure to work with Barbra--she knows the in's and out's of organizing like the back of her hand. I couldn't be happier with how my pantry turned out and hope to work with her again on further projects!
-- Melissa Ohana, Real Estate Sales, Mother of two

Because of Barbra I love to go into my closets where before I dreaded opening them. From beginning to end she was so professional and reliable with correspondences. Besides my closets looking amazing, now I can see what I own and have easy access to my clothes, shoes and bags! I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
-- Jenn, Business owner, Mother of two
Barbra Goodman, personal organizer extraordinaire, did a marvelous job of de-cluttering and reorganizing our newly renovated main office at PS 290 – The Manhattan New School. Personally interviewing those of us who work in the office, while also taking her cues from the Principal who was seeking to upgrade the appearance and efficiency of our school's operational hub, Barbra suggested how to rearrange furniture and store necessary documents and files. In doing so, she simultaneously managed to discard many old items that had long outlived their usefulness. All of this was accomplished in just two meetings of no more than an hour each. Barbra then shopped for storage bins and office supplies that would be both attractive and functional, carefully measuring and emailing us pictures to see if we approved of them before making any purchases.
When the time came to implement Barbra's reorganizational scheme, the entire overhaul occurred swiftly one morning and the results were spectacular. Everyone who now enters our office compliments us on how lovely it is, and we who work here are able to function more efficiently and productively than ever at our respective workstations. Best of all, we are all still friends because Barbra is so easy to work with and accommodating of the intangible human factor at the heart of successful office organization, no less reorganization!
We can't thank Barbra enough for immeasurably improving the functionality of our school's main office through her organizational wizardry. We recommend her talents unreservedly to anyone seeking to magically transform their work or personal space into all that it can and should be. Barbra can do a lot with a little. She will personally help you organize your space with utter charm, grace, and, best of all, efficiency. She is truly a pleasure to work with!
-- Sally Mason, Parent Coordinator at The Manhattan New School